Actively Eco Travel Gift Set

Actively Eco Travel Gift Set

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New Year's Resolution booster kit.

This set will kick start your 2019 in two ways:

1) It's the perfect eco companion for the gym and

2) it's the ideal gift for the traveller who doesn't want to spread more single use plastic around the world.

Your soap will need a breather too - in between use let it dry out on the bamboo soap saver.

  • GO GREEN Soap - With tea tree essential oil which has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. A fantastic shower soap bar that can help beat body odour. It is also great for acne as it is a soothing natural anticeptic and reduces bacteria and inflamation
  • Cotton Accessory Bag 
  • Handy Metal Soap Tin 
  • Bamboo Soap Saver