Although not specifically formulated for hair, our testers have reported that they have had great success with using our soap bars in replacement of liquid shampoo. Their favourite bars to use are the Calming bar (with lavender and rosemary essential oils), the Cleansing bar (with tea tree essential oil) and the Revitalising bar (with peppermint and rosemary essential oils). These bars produce a good lather and have lots of the nourishing oils that are put in to bars that other companies label as shampoo bars, like castor oil - it's fab for your hair!

If you have been using regular big brands liquid shampoos, (nearly all of which contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a known skin irritant) your hair is used to being stripped of it's natural oils. Your scalp compensates by producing even more oil. When you make the switch to a bar of soap that will be kinder to your scalp, it may take a couple of weeks for these oils to balance themselves. Quite a few of our testers have said that it was fine straight away though.

People living in hard water areas may need to use an extra rinse/conditioner (diluted apple cider vinegar is very effective), especially in the transition period.

How do I shampoo my hair with the bars?
There's a couple of techniques that you could try.
1) get a good lather going in your hands, then massage all over your scalp, no need to work it all the way through your hair as it will clean it as it rinses out.

2) rub the soap bar directly on to your scalp all over and have a good old massage again with your hands. Again as it rinses out it will clean the rest of your hair.

Remember to keep your soap as dry as possible in between use, draining soap dishes are essential for a longer lasting bar.

We'd love to hear your views on this if you try it out. We are continuously developing our range, please email us at