Hi, I'm Helen and I started The Soap People because I was horrified with how many plastic bottles of liquid hand wash and shower gel we got through in our house.

We have three boys who love bugs, puddles, den building, hammering, sawing, climbing trees, digging etc. They are above average in terms of grubbiness, but I wouldn’t change them, it’s just I have to make sure they’re clean every now and again, for a few minutes or so.

 First we tried supermarket soap.

The classic brands with old fashioned smells. I have extremely sensitive skin and I found these soaps really drying and aggravating to my eczema. I've suffered for decades with sore, red hands from using hand wash.

Time for a more natural approach.
Even the chain soap shop in Brighton, was using SLS’s,  parabens and palm oil in products.

So I did lots of research and started experimenting and making our own soap. 

We only use natural ingredients that we find to be gentle and nourishing, including 
olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and shea butter.
My skin has been totally transformed for the better using the soap that I have created.


We found it a hassle sourcing good soap, with natural ingredients and with no plastic packaging, so we’ve set up a subscription service. You can have soap land directly on your doorstep every month without having to worry about where you’re going to grab your next bar from.

Let us help you form a great new clean habit.

Join The Soap People!