we believe soap can

change the world...

We make soap that's kind to skin - and to the environment.
beaches, bees & orangutans

we support charities that are fighting for our planet 

Inspiring, uniting & empowering communities to protect oceans, beaches, waves & wildlife.
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Creating a world where honey bees & other pollinators can thrive
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Saving endangered orangutans & habitats in Borneo
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We want to work everyone up into a lather because even the humble bar of soap can be part of a more sustainable future

Handmade with natural ingredients, our range includes soap bars to suit even super-sensitive skins.

Get your family squeaky clean, without any nasty industrial chemicals.

Our soaps are biodegradable, including the packaging.

No more plastic bottles to feel guilty about.

Soap for all people

spread the love... 

eco-friendly packaging

Our primary motivation for starting a soap company was to help reduce single use plastic waste.

A plastic shower gel bottle will still exist hundreds of years after you've finished with it. 

Use our soap!

We use recycled, biodegradable packaging.

We'd like to help you ditch single use bathroom plastic.

no nasties


They are harmful to fish and other aquatic animals and pollute our groundwater - so we're obviously not using these! Neither do we use parabens, which have been linked to health issues, or chemical colourings (just to make the products look bright and whacky).

Unnecessary chemicals on my skin? No thanks.

We do use natural, skin-kind, earth-friendly ingredients that biodegrade. 

no palm oil

With the negative impact that palm oil plantations are having on the environment we believe that there is not a strong enough reason to use this commodity when there are such great alternatives.

Around the world, the demand for palm oil contributes to widespread deforestation and is pushing wildlife to extinction.

Instead we use olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and other nourishing ingredients like shea butter
and clays. 

no animal testing

Animal testing is no longer permitted in Europe but many of the big brands choose to market their products to China where animal testing is compulsory.

Most of our range is vegan, although we do use honey from our own bee hives and beeswax in our BEE THE CHANGE and SENSITIVE NATURE soap bars. 

We test on children, family and friends (and not under duress!).