Got questions? We've collated our most commonly asked questions below, if your's isn't there please get in touch

Are your soaps vegetarian/Vegan ?

The Bee the Change bar and Sensitive Nature bar have beeswax and honey in them, but the rest only contain plant and mineral ingredients. The honey is from our own beehives here in Sussex and we only take a little at a time leaving the bees with plenty of supplies.


What is your returns policy ?

We hope you don't have to use it but all the details are here.


I've got sensitive skin - can I use your products?

Helen our founder has super sensitive skin which is one of the reasons she started The Soap People! We don't make any specific claims but checkout our reviews of many happy (sensitive) customers.


How long will the soap last ?

As it is a natural cosmetic product we have to include a best before date (normally around 8 months after you get it), beyond this date the soap will lose some of its fragrance but will still keep you squeaky clean!

After use we always recommend using a soap rack of some kind, we of course sell our bamboo soap savers and olive wood soap holders but anything that enables the soap to dry out will significantly extend its life. 


Has your soap got an SLSs in it ? 

NOPE, Unlike many other (high street) soap makers we have no sls's in our soap, these chemicals accelerate the soap curing process (so it's quicker and cheaper to make) but they persist in the aquatic environment causing untold damage. So we're a little more patient for our planet.


What are your terms of business?

Our privacy policy is a good place to start but we also have our full terms of business.